How Long?

I am bored out of my mind. Bored of waking up and strolling from one room to another and back, while avoiding the bedroom and kitchen. I am bored pretending to work remotely while I am distracted every five minutes with something else I would rather be doing. Like check my phone, check on the girls, read one more paragraph from Option B, get a cup of tea, check whether that’s a knock I heard, move those shoes from the doorway, go pee, check the fridge, make a shopping list! As you can well imagine, all these things lead me to the rooms I want to avoid. Once in the bedroom, I will find a thousand and one other things that I can do. And don’t get me started on the damage that comes from visiting the kitchen, and the fridge for that matter!

I started writing this post at 10 am, after a long hiatus since I bothered with WordPress, which I will not even attempt to explain. Then Bikozulu’s post came in. Soon after, my grocery delivery guy called, then I noticed a Toastmasters magazine, then my daughter came in requesting for help with some  Business Studies question. All this while still trying to write a report. It is 2pm as I write this second paragraph. I sure hope to finish the post before the end of day otherwise I’ll have to rewrite it!

I wish I knew this will be over next week. Or next month. Or the month after. But I don’t. In fact, nobody knows. Not the government as ably represented by the CS Mutahi Kagwi. Not the NIS, CIA, FBI, KGB or Mossad. Everyone is in quarantine. And in quarantine, it is difficulty to think sanely beyond a few hours. In quarantine, you concentrate on the here and now. How to keep yourself safe from the virus and hopefully live to see another day.

Forget what the Club Quarantine experts are saying. I have watched enough videos. Read enough articles about how to stay sane and thrive while under quarantine. It is not working. Not for me, anyway. I feel rudderless. I feel trapped. And I thought am an introvert. Quarantine should be easy, no?

I have lost my trail of thought and I am hungry given it’s past 4pm. I hope to take a neighborhood walk, Zoom in with some friends and attend an online piano class later in the evening. It is not for lack of trying but still…

How long?