this too shall pass…

When I wrote about curveballs a year ago, I never would have imagined what was hurtling down my way. I wish writer’s block was all I was facing now. But it isn’t and this post, after a long hiatus, is not an invitation to a pity party, so keep your handkerchiefs.

In two days’ time, I am supposed to go under the doctor’s scalpel to repair an aortic aneurysm. Since its accidental discovery three months ago, I’ve learnt some important lessons that will take me far into my sunset years.

You see, I was going on my usual business, feeling so good about myself, that I decided to go for some medical checkups. I am not careless about my health but I’m not one to obsess over it either. I can only say it was divine intervention that led me to the events of 19th November 2021. To cut a long story short, the coming weeks were marked with more tests and doctors’ visits than I care to count. Instead of the cheer that comes with Christmas and New Year festivities, I was faced with a season of groom. But thanks be to God for peace that surpasses all human understanding – joy was and remains a constant companion.

Come January, an irksome cough that would not go away even with the most potent of concoctions threatened to ground me. I was almost sure Omicron had visited, but the tests said otherwise. More tests including some with scary names followed – but two months in, I am in the clear. The cough left as stealthily as it came about.

I check into hospital tomorrow. As I write this, I am in no pain and have no symptoms at all. The aneurysm may as well have repaired itself – we shall find out tomorrow. I am convinced though that, I’ll soon be back here to write more about this amazing roller coaster called life. For this too shall pass…