Hello there!

I am thrilled you are here. It means you and I have something in common – the need to connect with others, to hear their stories and to search for knowledge. These are the reasons I started this blog. To connect with you as I search within me for the untold stories inside – the stories only I can write.

My mother named me Wambui after her own mother. It was a Thurday.  The day the trial of the Watergate burglars began in Washington DC. Not that she cared. She was thousands of miles away, anyway. What she cared about was the dashing bundle of joy thrust in her arms. Her second born. Her mama.

I have come a long way since then. Long enough to be married, once, and to have held my own bundles of joy, thrice. You will by now have figured that I am past the halfway mark of this life, going by the Biblical promise. But there is no sadness in thinking that once I was young and now I am not, just grateful for the chance to enjoy and share with you the laughs, the cries and the whatnots of this story.

I value honesty, integrity and acceptance – no judgement lives here. So, feel free to comment, share or just browse and shake/nod your head.


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